At the recent Meet the Coaches evening in February the CTSC members present agreed to make a donation of £2500 to fund three new laptops. The laptops will be used by Daryl Powell, Danny Orr and Ryan Sheridan. Modern technology is now crucial to aid coaches and anything that gives the Tigers the edge the CTSC are proud to help.

This donation takes the total raised and donated by CTSC members since 2004 to


On behalf of the CTSC committee I would like to thank all members past and present for your loyal and dedicated support in good times and bad.

Together our fund raising is making a positive contribution to help the Tigers be a strong and successful club.

Thank you.


Well done Ron.

Lifelong Tigers fan helps the Tigers coaches.

Castleford Tigers fan Ron Booth has donated a brand new laptop to the Castleford Tigers coaching team to help further develop their work off the field.

Ron, a member of the Castleford Tigers Supporters Club, came along to the recent CTSC 'Meet The Coaches' evening where the CTSC members made a donation to Daryl to fund three new laptops for the coaches. Ron is a lifelong Castleford fans who over the years has been heavily involved with the club, having works on the turnstiles for plenty of years, and always being an active member of the CTSC. On the night he decided to make a further donation himself to assist Daryl and his team.

Ron has funded a new laptop that our strength and conditioning coaches will use alongside their STAT Sports GPS system. The GPS player tracking technology enables our coaches to collect and measuring both training and match-day data for each player. It's a vital tool in the modern game to assist with training schedules and workloads.

Yesterday Ron got the chance to meet the team and was welcomed by a round of applause for his generosity. Speaking today Castleford Tigers Head of Strength and Conditioning Ben Cooper said: "Castleford Tigers Supporters Club do some great work raising money for our club and it's great for us to know that Paul and the committee are always working hard to help support us. The three laptops are already being well used by Daryl, Danny and Shez, and to then receive a further donation from Ron is just marvelous. Getting to meet Ron in person and to thank him was great yesterday, it's really good for us all to spend time with fans like Ron, who truly have Castleford Tigers running through their blood. Thank you Ron and thank you Castleford Tigers Supporters Club!"

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