2018 CTSC AGM Report

The Castleford Tigers Supporters club AGM took place on Tuesday 9th January at the George V WMC Glasshoughton.

Chairman Derek Whale opened the meeting

The minutes from the AGM of 10.1.17 were approved by the members and 50 members were present.

Christine Taylor, treasurer, gave the 2017 account report, receipts for the year to 31st December 2017 totaled £8,947 and a total of £2500 was donated to the Castleford Tigers.

Breakdown of 2017 donations, £2000, 3 laptop computers to be used by Castleford Tigers coaches, £500, sponsorship of three Under 19s players.

Ken Harrison, membership, gave his report, 2017 membership was 435, over 100 up from 2016, most of the members are from the Castleford Area but we have members from all over the country and abroad, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We had a successful recruiting campaign outside the Tigers den in December and January, which as been repeated this year. Current membership for 2018 is 276. If you have a friend or relative who is not a member can you help us by asking them to join for 2018.

Paul Burns-Williamson, Secretary gave his report,

What a season, record breaking, league leaders shield and reaching the Grand final.

It was great to be part of it.

We managed to get sponsors for all our 2017 events, we increased membership and at the moment, we are at 276 2018 members, a good start.

Our events in the Hospitality suite and other venues have been well attended and feedback from attendees has been good. Club directors, club staff, coaches and players have supported us throughout the year and we thank everyone for that. We continue to provide events that provide a good enjoyable experience, along with raising funds for the Tigers. Thank you to everyone who has attended in 2017, we look forward to seeing you at our 2018 events, which will be announced soon.

We have continued our great relationship with Daryl and the team, something the CTSC is very thankful for, we see ourselves has part of the wider Tigers family, allowing members to meet and chat to players, coaches and Board members in a friendly, positive manner.

The CTSC also work in partnership with the club, promoting club events, merchandise and the Tigers Daily Draw, anything that helps the club we are more than willing to do.

Our event highlights were the sell out POTY awards, put together with 7 days notice, the dinner dance, the Race night and the 2018 membership launch night, all were very well attended.

Once again we have consulted with Daryl on ideas for our donations this is something with your agreement we want to continue.

Our next donation of £5000 will be made at next months meet the coaches event.

Other achievements this year

Our social media sites on Facebook as 10100 members, twitter 2900 followers, both continue to grow along with our website. Our goal is to convert these followers into members, but even if we cannot we believe that it is great promotion for the CTSC and the Castleford Tigers.

We have a good relationship with the media, especially the Pontefract and

Castleford express, who give us excellent coverage. I would also like to thank Michelle Cooper the Tigers Media And Marketing Manager who supports us in all kinds of ways and makes all the hard work of the committee worthwhile.

The future, we are well on the way to getting sponsors for our 2018

events, with other sponsorship opportunities available for the Race night, POTY night and our November dinner dance. Please see the committee for details. I would like to thank all our loyal sponsors, many who have been with us since 2004, please support them if you can, they can be found on our website, please take a look.

We continue to base ourselves in the Tiger Bar, 1 hour before kick

off, selling 2018 memberships, please come and see us for a pre or after match chat.

The committee would like to thank Ant Nunn for all his hard work whilst on the committee. Also a big thanks to Tracey Corbett who helps us at our events, Stuart Lake who produces our fantastic posters and helps us with the website, thanks.

I would like to thank fellow members of the committee, who worked very hard in 2017.

The donations made to Castleford Tigers since 2004 now stands at £77,647.58

Lastly, I would like to thank all the members and sponsors for the loyal support you all gave us in 2017.

A year to remember.

The following were re-elected by the members present to the CTSC committee for 2018, Christine Taylor, Dave Bowman, Ken Harrison, Derek Whale, Paul Burns-Williamson, Keith Taylor and Rachel Brocklehurst.

Michelle Bowman was elected to be a member of the 2018 CTSC committee.

The evening then continued with Meet the new Tigers, our guests were introduced to the packed audience, Joe Wardle, Garry Lo, Mitch Clark, James Green, Jamie Ellis, James Clare, Corey Aston and Alex Foster.

After a very warm welcome, we got to know a little bit more about each player and how they were settling in at the Tigers, all the players were in very good spirits, enjoying preseason training and looking forward to the new season.

After the break the questions came from the audience, covering a wide area of topics all answered with humour and honesty, which gave everyone present a very enjoyable evening.

Many thanks to all the players who attended, hope you enjoyed the evening.

The raffle made £116 and 23 new members joined on the night.

Can I take this opportunity to thank all our members, sponsors and supporters for their continued support throughout 2017 and look forward to an equally successful 2018.

Paul Burns-Williamson

CTSC Secretary


Thanks to Rachel Brocklehurst for the photos.

Next 2 CTSC Events,

Tuesday 13th February, 

Meet the Coaches Evening, Sponsored by the Black Swan, Normanton.

Presentation of £5000 to Daryl Powell from the CTSC.

In the Signs and Designs restaurant.

7.45pm start.

Special guests, Daryl Powell, Danny Orr, Ryan Sheridan, Ben Cooper and Matt Crowther.

Come and put your questions direct to the coaching staff.

Admission £1 members, £3 non members.

Tuesday 13th March, 

Meet the Directors, 

Sponsored by the Black Swan, Normanton.

In the Signs and Designs restaurant.

7.45pm start.

Special guests, to be confirmed.

Come and put your questions direct to the clubs directors.

Admission £1 members, £3 non members.

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